The polyurethane foams produced by Flex2000 can be found in several  activity areas
Áreas de actividade

Activity Areas

Corte e transformação
Cutting and Manufacturing
We produce and supply the market with foam blocks ETER, ESTER and Rebounded foam for cutting and manufacturing. Flex2000 supports all custumers who act in this market segment with a wide variety of...

We are equipped to produce bases and foam structures for packaging of ceramics, porcelain, crystal and electronic equipment that require special protection and packaging.

Isolamento Acústico
We produce foam and rebounded foam for the most demanding applications in the area of acoustics. We identify and recommend the most technically appropriate solutions to acoustic problems. We work...

Car Industry
Car Industry
Flex2000 foam is present and is used in the construction and assembly of an important part of automobile brands of reference circulating on European roads. We have available ETER and ESTER foams for...

Textil Lar
Home Textile
We produce foams for textile applications, such as small pillows and padding in roll or plate.

Flex2000 is proud to be present and to serve the best mattresses producers in Europe. The quality of our products and the service we provide to the market is a very important differentiator. We are...

Flex2000 is a reference partner in the upholstery industry. Our extensive experience and knowledge in foam production allows us to provide and offer our customers all kinds of solutions and options...

Lazer e Desporto
Leisure and Sports
Flex2000 produces foam for camping mattresses and in sports area tatamis for judo, from our brand judoflex.

Footwear Industry
Footwear Industry
If your shoes were produced in Europe it’s very likely that they have Flex2000 foam. Portugal and Spain are an European reference in the footwear industry. Flex2000 operates for many years in this...

Flex2000 operates in the health sector, conceives and produces hospital mattresses, positioners, foam wipes for bed-ridden patient hygiene. Our brand MEDIFLEX is present in all reference hospitals...

Child Care
Flex2000 has a wide range of foam for this industry. We produce from the most basic references to very sophisticated shock absorbing technical foams, suitable to improve the comfort and safety of...

Higiene e Limpeza
Hygiene and Cleaning
We produce foams for the production of mops and cleaning \"sea\" foams for the most various fields of domestic and industrial use. We supply the main reference national and international brands.