While you sleep peacefully on your mattress, ViscoFlex Rafrechi works to ensure that you rest completely as it keeps the temperature of the mattress surface in the comfort zone for a longer period of time.

The average skin temperature is about 32ºC. While we rest, it is normal for the interior of the bed to experience an increase of temperature, motivated by the energy generated by our body as well as by the insulating effect of the blankets.

Through the incorporation of PCM Microcapsules technology (Phase Change Materials), Viscoflex Rafrechi absorbs the heat generated by the human body keeping the temperature around the comfort zone, 28-30ºC, for longer.

PCM are materials that change their physical state at a specific temperature, working as thermo-regulators, contributing to a better comfort.


  • Density Reference
    50 VE 5016 Rafrechi
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