The Company
Flex2000 is part of a family Group called CORDEX, which was founded by Mr. Manuel Armando Pereira on October 11th 1969

The Company

Flex2000 is part of a family Group called CORDEX, which was founded by Mr. Manuel Armando Pereira on October 11th 1969. The foam production activity started in the mid-70s in the industrial plant of CORDEX in Esmoriz. Due to the strong growth of this activity during the decades of 80 and 90, in 1999 the decision was made to invest in an all-new factory dedicated exclusively to the production of polyurethane foam. 

Located in Ovar, the new factory named Flex2000 was designed for the great challenges of the Iberian market. It was necessary to provide this new plant with a large production capacity, able to produce a WIDE RANGE of qualities and types of foams that could answer the demand from all market segments. Exports, in particular the Spanish market were at that time our number one goal.  

The risks, challenges, expectations and difficulties were enormous… so EXCELLENCE, QUALITY and ACCURACY, determined the options of this new investment.

The investments and technological options taken were very important in the creation of a MODERN, EFFICIENT, SAFE, SUSTAINABLE, ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE and with a great growth capacity.

The construction of this new unit began in March 2000 and the foam production began in September 2001.  Result of an expansionist and well-structured trade policy, the growth of the business has been over the past few years a reality well supported by a policy of constant investment in the latest technologies, increase of the production capacity, improvement of processes that have led to an increase of efficiency and COMPETITIVINESS of Flex2000.
It is with great pride and satisfaction that we highlight and endear all employees that have actively participated in this walk along these 20 years of Flex2000. Without them this story would not be the same. The path was very difficult, but at the same time very rewarding as the dream of building a plant of international level reference began to come true.  

With great courage, determination, selflessness, suffering capacity and as a result of an extraordinary work of EVERYONE over the last 20 years, Flex2000 became the Iberian market Leader Company and one of the largest plants in Europe for the production of flexible foams of polyurethane. Flex2000 occupies today a total area of 63.000 m2 and has an annual production capacity of 40.000 Tons of foam.

We are present in export markets all over the world from Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, among others.
The Group destination and management responsibility fits today to the second generation of the Pereira’s family that has ALWAYS privileged the interests of the companies and practiced a MANAGEMENT CULTURE based on rigor, EXCELLENCE and economic sustainability. 
We continue to work for the NEW TIMES and CHALLENGES…

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